"When I hired Arijana, everrryyyything changed. Her and her team have been a MAJOR blessing. Now, I can focus more on doing the things only I can do (like creating content)."


Rachel Ngom

Pinterest Strategist, rachelngom.com

"I feel like I could trust ELEVATE 100%. I never felt it necessary to double check any work because I knew Arijana and her team always delivered when I needed them to. Even when I wasn't clear in my articulation of what I needed to get the task done, they somehow got it done anyways.


Anyone would be missing out big time by not hiring Elevate! They make business more enjoyable with processes in place. Without that, you end up burning out in business and it makes long-term growth very difficult."


Robert Rhau

Cognitive Coach, Mr. Mindful Cognitive Coaching

"I'm so grateful for Arijana and her team. She changed the way I work...she lowered my level of stress and pressure because of her systematic and impeccable organizational and managing skillsShe is a GIFT!"


Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron

Award-winning music artist, transformational coach, author, Tatianacameron.com

Who Are We?

Our Team of Online Professionals

We hire for attitude and talent, not location or credentials, to bring you the top virtual assistants and online business pros.  Our team is ever-growing and works from Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Phillipines. 

The Founder & Online Business Manager

Arijana (you know, like Ariana Grande) Ilibašić (not-even-going-to-go-there) is the Founder of Elevate Virtual and an Online Business Manager specializing in systems and hiring. Taking her 5+ years of corporate HR experience and 3+ years of in the virtual assistance industry, and pairing it with her background in psychology and business management, she’s on a mission to help you take your business from a disorganized jumble to a scalable operation that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Systems We Love to Work With…

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with ELEVATE. You want to know you're working with someone trustworthy, credible, high quality, and that can start to anticipate your needs and build systems to work effectively. With ELEVATE, I have seen that ability to handle vision and that's what I've enjoyed the most. Everything Arijana and her team have done has made me feel amazing!"


Chris McAlister

Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach, SightShift.com